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Screen Plays

Here you'll find a list of the screenplays that Catherine Busch has worked on. They're for a variety of projects and reflect how adaptable she is in addressing different themes, narratives and eras of history. Some will be produced, and some are, as yet, free to be taken up by a production company. Education has played a major role in her success and suggests to prospecrtive writers to look into furthering their disipline in order to pursue their passion.

Catherine enjoys writing of all types, and screenplays are just one of the many feathers in her cap. Be it a dramedy, a war drama, a documentary, educational or writing a technologically based film. She looks forward to talking with interested parties regarding the production of her screenplays.

Patches of Fire
a screenplay by
Catherine Busch

WGAw 1212354

After having experienced the tumult of war as a Marine Corporal, Albert French returns home to build a life for himself.  When his dreams and passion are taken from him, redemption comes from the only thing he has left…himself.




Beneath the Pine
a screenplay by
Catherine Busch
& Jill Marie McMurray

WGAw 850430

The quest of a forest ranger and his buddy, to find the mystical Bristlecone Pine becomes a journey into their past and acts as a catalyst for transforming themselves and the destiny of seven ill-fated people.

Genre: Action/dramedy
Length: 120 pages

Synopsis available upon request.
Producers interested in developing this property may contact the writers.


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