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Client Quotes

"As an award winning director, Catherine Busch-Johnston is committed to the very highest standards in film and video. Catherine has the ability to create works that communicate powerfully through weaving together interviews, art and music. From previous experience with Catherine, we knew she had the artistry and technical skills necessary to create our award winning environmental video series, Spirit of the Trees." 
Shannon Ramsay, CEO Trees Forever, Marion, IA

"Your ability to translate ideas into images is extraordinary. Our video series has inspired thousands of people to live more consciously for the good of planet earth. 
Brian Swimme, Producer, Canticle to the Cosmos.

"You won't want to miss The Face of Wisdom: Stories of Elder Women series running this weekend on KQED. The quiet strength and passion for life these 'everyday' women convey is definitely worth the watch."
  San Francisco Chronicle

"The Feelings Just Are television public service announcements were broadcast extensively in South Carolina, reaching their target audience of school-age children and teaching them to understand and accept their emotions. The success of this project exceeded our highest expectations and was due, in part, to Catherine's creativity, genuine concern for children, easy-to-work-with style, and excellent media skills." 
Tom McAbee, Ph.D. Psychologist Project Co-director

"Your direction, during our video taping, brought out the best in us as well as the mentally challenged adults we serve." 
Lorraine Wagner, Emmaus Community CEO, Pittsburgh, PA

"Formation of a Legend, the documentary on creating the Panther Sculptures for the Carolina Panther Ericcson Stadium, was directed, videotaped and edited by Catherine Busch-Johnston. The quality of her documentary maintains the same standard of excellence I strive for in my own work." 
Todd Andrews, Sculptor, Grass Valley, CA

"Our first video was so well received, and so true to our mission, we called Catherine back to produce another program for us". 
Jane Graff, President, Mercy-Charities Housing, San Francisco, CA

"Catherine's medical background and video experience proved a winning combination. We continue to benefit from the program, 
A Passion for Life,
which she created with us for our patients, doctors and health care staff here at St Joseph's." 
Corrine Bayley, VP, St. Joseph Health Systems, Orange, CA

"Catherine edited a beautiful video program, Lift Their Spirits,  that perfectly captures the essence of our work and our clients in Romania. Her open, professional, and personal approach fostered a great working relationship which allowed all of us to contribute to the creative process". 
Katie Smith, Executive Director, the LIFT Foundation

"Your video recruitment piece Want to Move to the Gold Country?  was a roaring success!!! The audience was completely taken in by the different old video segments you used, and the laughter got totally out of control. Great job!" 
Fred Wise, Human Relations Administrator, National Semiconductor Corp.

"C B-J is a consummate professional as a filmmaker. From concept 
to shooting, through editing to final program her stories embody compassion, meaning and human values. Her films, (regardless of the topic), inspire us to connect on a deeper level with each other and the world. We have worked together in prisons, schools, and community agencies. Catherine was always able to distill the process down to the essential components, getting the job done smoothly and with great respect for those involved in the project." 
Joanne Gillespie, HIV-AIDS Education Project Director

"Creating Images, Catherine Busch-Johnston, quickly realized our objectives and kept them in mind throughout the project. The name is no mistake creativity was apparent throughout the project; and this was much appreciated when working with what started as some client shot footage of a processing plant in operation! Attention to detail, on time, and on budget-all these things were appreciated as well."
Dan Matteson, Sales Manager Mobius Technologies

"The documentary experience Catherine has had videotaping in other countries, blends an appreciation for the culture and underscores the heartfelt approach in the programs she has produced for us." 
Sr. Mary Mulligan, RSHM Provincial Administrator, Montebello, CA

"The work of Catherine Busch-Johnston on our current documentary series has been filled with invaluable with insights, production advice, and precise camera work. Her technical abilities and experience coupled with her keen observation skills and open heart have elevated our project beyond what we had expected." 
Mimi Mills, Producer, "The Nature of Beauty"

"Thanks for your patience working with me. Our video program continues to be a great teaching tool. It was both effective and well received when shown to the Special Education Directors at our national conference." 
David Potter, Special Education Director, Nevada County, CA


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