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Uprooted - Incarcerated

It's in Your Hands Now

Creating Lifelong Learners

Social Worker Job Preview


Face of Wisdom



The Incarceration Camps is one part of an educational documentary video series entitled We the People.
This video documents the life of Japanese Americans and their families evacuated from their homes and forced to live in incarceration camps during WWII.

It's in Your Hands Now - A parental guide to family reunification after having lost their children because of drug use.

Creating Lifelong Learners - An award winning guide in which parents and schools can work together to serve their children/students who are ‘falling through the cracks’.
Millenium Award, Ava Award

Making the Decision to Make a Difference - A two part video program for Eligibility Workers and Social Workers (Children’s Services) to provide a realistic assessment of what these jobs entail. (Used as part of the curriculum at UC Berkeley.)

Chase the Horizon - A video pilot program for a documentary series on the travels and writings of Richard Halliburton during the early 20th century.
Produced by Sunflower Circle Productions LLC

Destination Family - A video program designed to promote family permanent adoption of teens before they “age-out” foster care.

Service, Communication and Technology - An award winning, in-house training program for the Department of Social Services designed to reduce auto travel within a rural county.

Head Start to Health - An award winning ten-part video series for parents and families on how to raise a healthy child from ages 0-5.
NCTV Best Series Award

You Can Do It! - A March of Dimes anti-drug program designed for pregnant women on drugs.

I Got My Mom Back - A March of Dimes program designed for kids whose parent(s) are on drugs.

Anchored in The Heart - A Jung Institute supported program on redeeming the Dark Feminine.

Spirit of the Trees - An award winning six part documentary series exploring the link between trees and forests and Native American cultures.
Omni Award, Telly Award, Videographer's Award
Produced by Trees Forever
istributed by the National Film Board of Canada

Canticle to the Cosmos - A classic twelve part educational series telling the scientific story of the Universe with a feeling for it’s sacred nature. (Distributed world wide by BrianSwimme.org)

Lift Their Spirits - A public relations video on the work of the LIFT Foundation regarding orphanages and adoptions in eastern Europe.

Building Community - A public relations program on the work of Mercy Housing Charities and their success regarding community building in their low cost housing developments in San Francisco.

Feelings Just Are - An award winning series of PSAs designed to give children the tools to articulate what they are feeling.
Gabriel Award

The Face of Wisdom - An award winning 8 part documentary series, hosted by Julie Harris, explores the lives of 8 elder women and brings to light the extraordinary lives most “ordinary” women live.
Gabriel Award (Best Documentary) & International Black Cinema Award (Best Documentary)
Eight-part documentary series
Distributed through The Phoenix Learning Group, Inc.

Healthy Kids - A four-part HIV and AIDS educational series.
Telly Award

Formation of a Legend - A documentary on the complete artistic process of creating the bronze panthers outside the stadium of the Carolina Panthers.
Telly Award

Emmaus Community of Pittsburgh - An award winning informational program on a community that serves persons with intellectual disabilities and promotes public awareness of their needs.
Telly Award

Want to Move to the Gold Country? - An award winning recruitment video for National Semiconductor Corporation.

The Videographer's Award

A Passion For Life - An award winning public relations/ informational video for St. Joseph Hospital, Orange County, CA
Telly Award

See Resume for a complete list of Programs

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