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Chase the Horizon

Catherine is Executive Producer with Horizons-Learning.com. The company designs, produces, and markets a curriculum-based series of educational programs integrating conventional learning with an interactive online experience for students in public schools, charter shools, private schools, home schools and tutoring services. The Chase the Horizon interactive programs that Horizons Learning will produce is based on a gaming format that invites, challenges and connects students to their curriculum. The programs are designed to create a new learning environment for students through engaging their curiosity, imagination and their desire to communicate via technology.

Catherine recently wrote, directed and edited a promotional DVD to fund Chase the Horizon a 13-part documentary series that will recreate the legendary adventures of Richard Halliburton.

The underlying principle of the documentary series is to afford this generation the opportunity to believe they can chase their own horizons, just as Halliburton did, follow their dreams, meet challenges head on, and, by expanding their worldview, live a life of significance and value.

The series is being produced by SunFlowerCircleProductions.com



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